Technical Plant

  Technical Synthesis Plant 

Salient Features 

·         Multi product state of the art Technical Synthesis Plant. 

·         Strategic location of Plant NCR region 

·         Certified under ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance, 140001 for Environment

          Pollution Control Norms. 

·         Well equipped facility for treatment as pr HPCD norms. 

·         Multiple effective evaporation plant for recovery of water from effluent


·         Incineration systems for burning any toxic, hazardous waste.


Reactions we do at our Unit  

Acylation                                          Esterification 

Bromination                                      Condensation 

Epimerization                                    Alkylation 

Cynation                                           Sulphonation 

Reduction                                          Pressure Reactions 

       High temperature Reaction                 Thionyl Chloride Chemistry 



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