Quality Control

  Quality Control System

 "Quality" being vouched at different levels:-

Pre Production : All raw material and packaging material is tested batch wise at the time of receipt of raw material, and accepted only if found satisfactory as per specification before issued for production.

During Production: Before the material is packed, each batch sample is thoroughly and vigorously tested as per laid down specifications and only after a through verification, the material is released for packing.

Post Production: After completion of the production of the material, it is inspected by quality control manager and random samples are drawn. After due verification and testing of finished goods in all respect it is released for 

Quality Control Checks Both our analytical laboratories are well equipped with sophisticated instruments like HPLC, GLC, UV-VIS, spectro photometer, AAS & all internationally required equipments. These are manned by a team of competent scientists and trained technicians.

Our testing procedure has to go through by three steps as follows.

Raw material and Packing material that are tested before they are taken for production and packing respectively. These are accepted only if found satisfactory as per specification Before packing the material, a sample of every formulated batch is thoroughly and vigorously tested as per the specification laid down Before releasing the material for sale, our Quality Control Manager inspects the materials and draws random samples for final testing in all respects.

Quality Control Facilities (Testing Equipments) : HPLC, GLC, UV-VIS, Spectro photometer, AAS & all equipments required for testing as per International standard.

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