Brand Name: REFERY

Product Category : Agrochemicals,
Chemical Name : Azoxystrobin 11% + Tebuconazole18.3% SC
Group : strobulins+triazoles
Formulation : SC - Suspension concentrate
Description : Combining the Powers of Strobulins and Triazole Fungicide for broad spectrum control of Fungal diseases

Mode of Action : Azoxystrobin is a broad spectrum fungicide of the class of synthetic compounds called �-methoxyacrylates it prevents the respiration of fungi due to the disruption of electron transport chain, preventing ATP synthesis . Tebuconazole It is a Triazole group fungicide with broad spectrum of activity. Systemic action with Preventive, Curative & Eradicative Action.It . Inhibited sterol production therefore leads to inadequate filtering by the cell membrane, and allows undesirable material to accumu
Method of Usage : Drenching

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