Brand Name: Srilaxyl

Product Category : Agrochemicals, Household,
Chemical Name : METALAXYL 8% + MANCOZEB 64% WP
Group : Metalaxy is a Phenylamide. Mancozeb is a Dithiocarbamate
Formulation : WP - Wettable Powder
Description : A mixture of agricultural fungicides combining a non systemic Protectant (mancozeb) with a systemic, curative (metalaxyl) active ingredient.

Mode of Action : Systemic fungicide which is rapidly taken up by the green plant part( within 30 min.) transported upwards in the sap stream and is distributed thus provides control of fungi from within the plant. Mancozeb provides a protective film over plant surfaces hence inhibits germination of the spores.
Method of Usage : Spraying

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