Brand Name: Srizol

Product Category : Agrochemicals,
Chemical Name : PROPICONAZOLE 25% EC
Group : Triazole
Formulation : EC - Emulsifiable concentrate
Description : Propiconazole is globally recognized as one of the most cost-effective fungicide options through its preventive and curative action especially against Rusts and Leaf Spot, it helps crops achieve maximum yield potential, while improving crop quality.

Mode of Action : The active ingredient propiconazole is a triazole fungicide that has protective, curative, and systemic activity. Propiconazole's mode of action is demethylation of C-14 during ergosterol biosynthesis, and leading to accumulation of C-14 methyl sterols. The biosynthesis of these ergosterols is critical to the formation of cell walls of fungi. This lack of normal sterol production slows or stops the growth of the fungus, effectively preventing further infection and/or invasion of host tissues. Th
Method of Usage : Spraying

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