Brand Name: Remote Power

Product Category : Agrochemicals, Household,
Chemical Name : Captan 70% WP + Hexaconazole 5% SC
Group : Mixture of Multisite Activity Agents and Sterol biosynthesis inhibitor
Formulation : EC - Emulsifiable concentrate
Description : "It is a Contact + Systemic Wettable Powder having Broad Spectrum action on most crops.Captan fungicide is a microfine wettable powder for Use in water as a spray for the control of certain Fungus diseases of turf, fruit, and ornamental Crops Hexaconazole is a Highly effective systemic fungicide with protective and eradicative action."

Mode of Action : Captan has a Protective Role and acts on multiple Fungi Sites, thus leading to low resistance development in fungi. Hexaconazole is a Curative and eradicative fungus that works on biosynthesis of ergosterols by preventing demethylation of steroids. Ergosterols are important components of the cell membrane of Fungi
Method of Usage : Broadcast

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