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Krishi Mitra- Advisory on BPH Attack



Dear friends,

We are getting information from many part of the country that Brown Plant Hopper (Nilaparvata lugens- referred to as  Kaala Tela, Bhura Phudka) attack in paddy crop has been reported above ETL and  has shown marked resistance against most insecticides. It is important to understand about nature of damage of the target insect. The insect has a life cycle of 22-24 days and hence the population builds up very fast.

To prevent BPH attack, farmers should avoid excessive use of Nitrogenous fertilisers. Farmers and agricultural experts have used some combination of pesticides very effectively for BPH and I am giving some of these for the benefit of our farmers for best control of BPH and also avoid resistance.

In the case of BPH in paddy crop (and Whitefly in cotton), at early stages of the crop if the farmer has used various synthetic chemicals in injudicious manner, both pest problems will be uncontrollable.  In such fields, the below mentioned combinations will not work as  earlier usage of unscientific combinations have disturbed the ecological balance of the crop and developed resistance in the pest. . Hence before recommending, please first check and understand the situation we are suggesting following combination s which will be the best as available with us.

1. Spine 10 EC + Dawn 7000 @ 200ml + 30-50 gm per Acre

2. Spine 10 EC + Sitara 25 WG @ 200ml + 40-50 gm per Acre

3. Leher + Dawn 7000 @ 400 ml + 30-50 ml per Acre

4. Leher + Sitara 25% @ 400 ML + 40-50 ml per Acre.

We have seen very good control of BPH with prophylactic use of Twins @ 60 gm per acre. It will be most effective before the ETL level of BPH.


1.      Use minimum 120  lit of water for each combination. Less water usage will be ineffective.

2.      Use Ankur gold @ 1 ml per 3 lit water used as a tank side adjuvant for effective outcome.

3.      Use Low pressure sprayers as far as possible.

4.      Wear protective clothing and other accessories and ensure that while spraying the draft of spray does not fall on any part of the body of the operator.

Note- These recommendation is based on farmers’ experiences and for information only. We undertake no responsibility for any improper dosage or usage of the products .



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